I am pleased to share you this article which completely found on the same screen on BE LOVE BE HAPPY and which will nourish our topic food and gastronomy with the program for more joy everyday  as of this evening!

The food of good mood!

You know them already this food which gives you the fishing season and good mood!

But do you know why ? Discover best food immediately : haricot beans, salmon, lenses, chocolate, bananas to put at the menu for one day full with energy and joy!


are not only the secrecy of the force of Popeye they are also the key of its good mood. Indeed,these green vegetables are very rich in B9 vitamin(or folic acid), a vitamin which plays a significant role on the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. One also finds some in great quantity in broccolis and asparaguses for example. Live these three vegetables!

The salmon

return in the category of fishes known as fattybecause rich in greases but in good greases. They are the famous omega-3, which has many properties health. And, inter alia, to control moodStudies showed besides that the people who consumed fatty fishes regularly (salmon, tuna,sardine, mackerel) suffered less depression than the others. Try to put some at the menu at least once per week!

Black chocolate

have also properties good mood, which are not any more to show! It boosts the endorphin rate (hormones of happiness!) and lowers the cortisolrate (the hormone of the stress). What to ask moreover? To eat a black chocolate bar each daywould be thus the key to preserve the smile all the day: it is an excellent news!


are rich in choline, which plays a significant role inthe development and the operation of the brain,and the regulation of moods. A large egg brings approximately 215 choline Mg, that is to say about half of the daily needs for an adult.

Haricot beans

contain magnesium, an essential mineral for the good performance of the brain, and to fight against the depression. As well as vegetable hormones,the phytooestrogens, which act on mood. And particularly that of the women, at the time of the menopause.


and all the sweetened products are good for the moral. Their consumption increases indeed serotonin the secretion, the hormone of good mood, in the brain. Result: is it enough to some delicacies to find the smile, not ? Attention however not to misuse it.

The banana

contains several substances which give the smile.It is the case of the B6 vitamin, magnesium and the dopamine. Attention however not to misuse it because it is a heating fruit.


are rich in selenium, a powerful antioxydant whichhelps to keep the smile. One also finds some ingreat quantity in walnuts and hazelnuts.


does not only help to sleep, it also allows to boostits moral ! It indeed contains tryptophan, aprecursory aminoacid of serotonin (the hormoneof good mood).

Citrus fruits

like oranges, the grapefruits, the clementines, thelemons are perfect to be of good mood because they contain vitamin C, with the properties antistress. To consume the morning for example to start the day of the good foot!

Do not waste any more time: consume as of nowfood which will be able to put to you good mood forall the day!😊

And message with all the members,do not hesitate to share your receipts!!!🙏

What we soon will also make thanks to cordon bleu DAVID😉

And the others, adhere! 😍

Laurence et David



Source : Aujourd’hui.com

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