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my horsesspoke to me

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Obviously the topic of the animals holds me withheart, I thus share you this article on the horseswhich will probably speak with some discovered in Psychologies 💖

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To know what the horses think All in love ones with the equidae and the riders dream some.Would it be possible to dialogue with them via communicating animalist? To better understand them?

A little skeptical, our journalist tried th eexperiment with its three horses.

Account of disconcerting conversations.

When one of my friends proposed to me to meet communicating with the horses, I acknowledge thatI snorted initially a little, skeptical visavis little barred side, for my Cartesian spirit, of thething.

On another side, more than twenty years spent to the sides of the horses showed me that they understand us very well, undoubtedly better than we do not understand them! My curiosity then carried it, tinted of a light anxiety: what were my companions going to reveal? And especially, is they happy?

Appointment taken with Virginie Cortes. This communicating equine, worked during fifteen years in a private clinic with veterinary surgeons and osteopaths.

For me, the intuitive animal communication is form of therapy, explains me it. The horses can have same blockings as us: a blow or a stronge motion can put them in dysfunction. Their bodylike ours, records all these impacts. They are these images and these feelings registered in the cellular memory that I manage to collect. I am not able to cure a pathology mechanical or functional but I canraise the bolts which surround it, to alleviatefabrics For Virginia, each reading is a differenttravel inside a horse. Travel which starts with the photograph of each animal that it requires to seebefore a meeting. I perceive there already indications, tensions. But I do not make reading solely on image: I need an exchange with the horse to check my felt. Does a horse have besides always things to tell? Not. Some do not have anything to say. Others are closed and return me on their owner because sometimes, it is him who is not well.


they came in the head of animals 

To dialogue by the thought with the dogs, the catsthe horses, rabbits, the birds That appear sinsane, but more and more of people are interested in it. Some make even their trade ofit: the communicating animalist ones. Investigation into this astonishing practice.

Before starting, I inform Virginia of my prejudices shared by much as for this telepathic dialoguewith the animals.

People are right to believe onlywhat they see. It is necessary to pay attention to the drifts. And to be aware, as translators of the horse, of our own limits. She adds that itself isvery Cartesian! I made scientific studies, worked with veterinary surgeons But I always had a very strong connection with the horses, which I thought normal for whoever likes them. I got along well with most difficult, I started to have perceptions of somefalling sick, which were checked. For as much, not question for it of speaking about a donation. I just think of having more sharpened perception. What interests me, it is to see until where I can go to help the horses.

Horses all mediums

The first meeting takes place in the middle of prewith the Nob, my 17 year old horse. Troubles of health forced us to hang up again irons prematurely. Virginie Cortes starts with a physical assessment, passing his hands on him, in search of old pathologies, present, or future. Does it make emphysema? , she asks me. Yes. But Ihave a feeling of suffocation which goes beyond from a difficult breathing. By looking at it, feel locked. Recently, I would say approximately three weeks ago, it arrived to him something which frightened him very. He thought that it had badly left for him and still today, he does not regard himself as completely not cured. One month agothe Nob actually was sick: cough, large feverThe veterinary surgeon came in urgency and looked after it to avoid a risk of pneumonia.

I then request from Virginia what he would like to do in the future, any intensive activity from now onbeing excluded. Best would be to propose small ludic exercises to him. As it is very distressed it is hyperactive cerebral , matter should be given him to be reflected and to concentrate, to help it to release taken and with less focusing itself on it sanguishes, in particular that to be constantly in danger.

On another side, it really does not arrive at being secure by you because it feels that you worry much for him. Touched. It is true that the fragile health of my horse was worth me a few hours of stress, even if I learned how to step backwith the time and the telephone calls repeated with the veterinary surgeon

All the horses are mediums, telepathic, strikes Virginie Cortes. They know you very: they collect your emotions, your thoughts, your pains and stiffnesses They head on undergo this connection of which they cannot be cut: for them,this acute perception of the things, intention of their congeneric and people, is fundamental to remain in life. I remind myself this sentence so much repeated by my various instructors: to ride ahorse, it is necessary to leave its problems at the entrance of the career. To be fully centered (E)and concentrated (E), for the exchange which will follow.

If they do not understand words, they understand intentions

But how the Nob did express all that in Virginia while eating non chalantly grass in its pre? The questions are hustled in my head. Us here from now on visavis Qredo, a very large horse bai 12 years. A quiet force. There is a brittleness in himindicates to me it. Did you fall to the obstacle with him? . Indeed, last year, a fall however without gravity which is neither the first, nor undoubtedly,the last deteriorated a time my confidence in me with horse. It was afraid also and since, it is more hesitant. This day, he became aware of his responsibility with respect to you. I cannot prevent myself from smiling: he was time!

One day, somebody doubted this horse and it realized there, continues Virginie Cortes. He considers that he was badly judged. He spent time to interiorize this injustice, which must go back to four or five years. A flash emerges in my spirit. Ascene of internship with an instructor where the horse, put at too severely tested, had ended up refusing to make the course of obstacles with methen with this professor. Furious, this one had then released: this horse is null. A sentence which myself had marked me so much it was falseShould a rider be always called in question and never not show its mounting? A horse does not understand the words but it collects the intention which is inside, Virginie Cortes adds.

This one thinks that the others not you still doubt him, that it must prove to them that it is good. I tell him that Qredo is sometimes difficult to concentrate because it spends muchtime to look at what occurs around the career.

It is parasitized by outside, confirms to me it. He is afraid need and at the same time  glance of the others and their consideration. I point out to Virginia that it is also the only horse which Iknow who start to make the head when it is reprimanded, his ears behind lying during several minutes. It is intransigent on the way in which one speaks to him because for him, any remonstranceis a devaluing judgement. Even if, sometimes, you just ask him to pay attention not to walk you on the foot!.  The reading is finished with some advices:to always take care to be very right with him and to seek to develop it as much as possible.

The horses are also the resilient ones

Us here in the box of Jazz, a nice horse chestnut horse 19 year old, of which I have been the ridingone for four years. While it auscultates it, Jazz chews its hay. Was it always assembled bywomen? I see only female figures around him and that is appropriate to him: it feels all eviated and it discovered a softness which it had not known up to that point. .

Because of its great capacities, Jazz actually knew many riders and connected, in its youth, high level competitions. If a man tries to assemble it, that badly will occur, prevents me Virginia. It became crippling with its operation. What one told me, the last who testedwas deposited besides in sand very quickly. An anecdote that I always had of the evil to believe so much this horse is soft and nice!

It found a balance, an accuracy of relation and completely occulted the men. I think that it was much constrained in the past. One should not leave this diagram of softness, respect and conciliation with him. That protects it. When it attentively is looked at, it is seen that this horse is too much calm and philosopher. I indicate to Virginia that was not always the case obviously.It from now on chose to be Zen.


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