BE LOVE BE HAPPY it is an association to finance a maximum of initiatives, a Label Happiness certifiedHappy given to public personalities and  and especially a humanitarian action to the most stripped companies

Thanks to your adhesion, in our page of Crowdfunding, and all the partners who will be added to the list. BE LOVE BE HAPPY it is the solution with the financing of your project and all the initiatives carried with Heart.

And very full with humane projects intended for the most stripped to also bring the source essence of Happiness to them: Wellness, health, education

How ?

  1. It is the moment to pass to the action! Adhere for only 33 euros ! And take an active part in the development of this network. Join us in this adventure and become member of the community BE LOVE BE HAPPY as of today. A single amount and symbolic system of any way, number33. Only 33 euros/an (more 1.21 euros of expenses) to give and receive in an unlimited way  💖

As of reception, you will receive an invitation with the group created on Facebook only intended for the members and our page pro to express your presence and to start to exchange with the members. AND of course you will be able to create your profile on the site to put to you in link with the community BE LOVE BE HAPPY.

You could :

  • To find other people as you who want to express in the direction of a happy planet everywhere in the world
  • To share with all your personal and professional experiences already successful on the platformand to discuss on the forum, put at your disposal and in the Facebook group
  • To exchange what you do want with all, housingexperiment, knowledge to make, competence, the beginning of a new era of BARTER ?
  • Us to pose your questions or to have the answers to current questions
  • To discover in preview the interesting events and divisions of the members like you but also OUR events, our formations, our reports. organized front, during and after the world tour
  • And obviously to receive your Happy Challenges of the Rally of Happiness BE LOVE BE HAPPY to live the adventure with us each day
  • Finally to be to trust to take part to build a happier better world while also helping to build schools, to help us to convey drugs and equipment or any other humanitarian action which we will be able to create or support

BE LOVE BE HAPPY it is a community intended to give in light the gigantic fabric that we form all but TOGETHER

Or not adherent member, help us even more !

2. In SHARING our pages Instagram, Facebook,Blog to the maximum to help your network, your activity but also allthose and those which decided to create in the same direction for a happy planet!

3-Give on our page of crowdfunding and share the page

All this money could be used to finance very fullwith projects

4. Patron, foundation or undertaken, decide to in kind accompany us or in cash in this vast NETWORK and PLATFORM by division to rebuildthe ENERGY of tomorrow.

Contact us to also receive our Label Happinesscertified Happy if you wish to express to youcommitments to help each one To be happier for happy Planet

We gave the 1st label Happiness on January 30th, 2019 to the Merry coffee and Yann Bucaille his founder

Contact US NOW / 0033 (0) 6 25 29 03 18 / 0032 (0) 475 98 58 69

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The logo was carried out by Bruno Bayol

The site was set up with the bold assistance of Didier Brockly


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