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One of the 9 topics that BE COILS BE HAPPYwishes to share, it is work.

We spend the whole days to work. Then how to find the best solution for better working and beinghappy while working. The division becomes impossible to circumvent in our manner of living.

Coworking remains an example which does not cease developing. This article of described all the advantages and points out some impossible to circumvent😇

Spaces of coworking are more and more in vogue.Which are the main advantages?

Many offices or trendy bars have from now onspaces of coworking where it is easily possible to work one day whole. Ideal for the workers freelances, the employees in displacement, at the time of a hollow between two go or for the peoplewishing to leave their environment of dull office andwithout heart.

In each big city, you will find pleasant spaces ofcoworking.

Seldom productive at the office

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Where are you concentrated the most to work?

Good question.

That can vary for each one among you like according to time of day or of the tasks which you have to make. Jason Fried, expert in productivity and Ted lecturer, put this question to his network of contacts, explains Johan DHaeseleer, expert in management of time.

The answers were seldomin my office.

The typical answers are divided into 3 categories:

  • In a place outside the office

  • In public transport

  • For a certain period of time

You early carry out for example the tasks askingmuch concentration the morning or late the evening. The only moments of interruption are those which you choose.
You can also be very concentrated in the train, the bus or the plane, just like with the coffee of thecorner, Johan DHaeseleer declares.

Each placeoffering a horizontal space can be used as workspace. It is there that you will install your laptop and will start to work.

For still better measuring the advantages of the coworking, we met Lodi Planting, a large follower of the coworking. This one works exclusively in spaces of coworking or coffees.

Planting helps the freelancers to earn money while doing what they like.

He works only four hours per day.

Indeed, I know very well what I want, which I like, it in what I am good and how to earn money of the kind.

advantages of the coworking

1. You are your own owner about your pauses and of your priorities

It is of course obvious that you work within a spaceof coworking. The house, it is the house; theoffice, it is the office. If I could work at the house, would think only of the pieces of housework and would not be able to concentrate me. At the office Iam unconsciously disturbed by my colleagues through small questions asking of the immediate answers, Lodi Planting declares. If you work since a space of coworking, you have total controlon your schedules, your pauses and yourpriorities.

2. Creative input of the foreign people

As a freelance, I always only work. In spaces of coworking, I have the feeling to have colleagues. can ask them for an opinion, to explain my new ideas to them or quite simply to hold conversation., You are obviously in the same caseas an employee, but my experiment enables me to note that one obtains much more to creative in putpeople than one knows less better or who work in an industry or a different sector. The coworking thus contributes to the development of the projects of the workers.

3. You are not disturbed permanently

I notice that I am much more productive and more effective in a space of coworking. I think that comes from social environment or the pressure.You permanently have the feeling which people can look at your screen or steal you your ideas that you do not want to waste time with Facebook or other means of distraction. It is the same with the office, but the Na fact of not being permanentlydisturbed assistance much on this level, LodiPlanting declares.

4. To function in network

As an employee, it is very pleasant to work occasionally in a space of coworking. The diversity of the workplaces is not only good for your productivity but it also makes it possible to weavelinks and to widen your network. You learn how to know other people and that can lead to new collaborations or partnerships. This is valid for thefreelance but also for the employees working for anowner.

6 elements not to forget when you coworking….

When you make coworking, you must a little more delay you on what you do and well to think of the way in which you will approach the events. You must ensure yourselves to hold all the cards to be productive and go from the front one. If you have the good tools, you will be able to work almost everywhere.


As a worker, you need a laptop to work where wishit to you. An Internet connection is useful but notalways available. You ensure that your activities are subdivided in two categories: online and off line. The shelves are also increasingly popular. It is a question of a practical alternative to get information but the productivity is reexamined downwards with such a tool, especially if yousearch with being as powerful as with a laptop.

Management of the electric cables

A computer and a smartphone mean that you should not forget your chargers. Also have multigrip within reach, it is not a luxury. Permanently keep these accessories in your bag. The other cables (auricles or adapters for projector) will takeseat in a plastic bag. Take care of well protectingall your accessories from moisture.


A regular safeguard is like an insurance. When you must pay a fine, you always ask why. At the timewhen a power cut occurs, you will bless your small hands to have saved your document.
Dropbox and Sugarsync are two tools making it possible to record your files easily and to proceed to auto savings. Moreover, you can share files with colleagues or other collaborators. An autosaving such Time Machine of Apple is a windfall, Johan DHaeseleer affirms.

Audio helmet

Conversations or music can completely decentralize you. If you work in a space of coworking, envisage a helmet or earphones to remain concentrated. That will be also useful for you if you wish to look at a video on Internet without disturbing your entourage.


Think of always having paper on you. Your sudden ideas will thank you if you note them directly in anotebook.


To concentrate and continue to work, your brainneeds water and oxygen. To have a water bottle (closed well) in your bag will allow you to keep yourlevel of productivity. It is rather easy to obtainwater in spaces of coworking with the help of a tinyremuneration.

It left To be happy while working!

It was the information LOVE BE HAPPY!

Do you manage or use these spaces?

Adhere to the movement and contact us to shareyour experiments and what made you there?

Adhésion Be Love Be Happy



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