To be happy, it is learned and especially it is maintained!

Embark with us in our “Happiness Rally” and follow the path of a great transformation with a challenge per day

A destination for “Happymembers” and any company wishing to take action with and for its employees

Be Love Be Happy Be Spiritual Be Magic


If you become a member, beyond all that we already offer, it’s an extra bonus!
From the 1st of January 2019 you will receive once a month a series of 21 challenges to be realized each day on a chosen theme.
To give you time to think, do, and integrate 🌟

And of course you will be able to share with the other members about your experience in the facebook group which is dedicated to you or in the community of the site since a group will be created with forum like for each theme of the association!

And for each stage 21 challenges each on 21 days is 3 weeks x 7 days. For a dimension of sacredness and creation (the 7) put in dynamics (the 3).

We take you with us 😊 to build together 


Because it is in the duration and in the regularity that one changes its system of operation to put in life its magic in a perennial way.

So Be Love Be Happy Be Magic!

From January 1st we start the first of a long series. We wish it 😍
The topics that we will discuss in this 1st DEFI will be grouped in 7 moments of 3 weeks each including

🌟 intentions to formulate,

🌟 awareness to reveal,

🌟 challenges,

🌟 meditations to activate …

A whole process that takes place peacefully in all conscience in joy and lightness 😊

This first DEFI will help you WAKE YOUR POTENTIAL to create HAPPINESS and Magic in your Life ⭐️

Accept what you have lived or live, BE YOU 😊
Find the pleasure of being at all levels in your life ☘️
To radiate your energy without being afraid of being judged 🤩
Feel in your heart to VIBRATE 💖
Communicate and express yourself freely YESSSS finally! 🤪
Seeing clear and just without frou frou, it’s time 😉
Finally, to be able to receive Abundance of Happiness 😍
So just click here and from the 1st of January we start together this Rally of Happiness ❤️?

A wonderful journey that we can do together to find the joy of Being by consciously activating its potential 😇




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