🌎it is a community

🌈but also an energy to share all the time

And happy Being, that learns itself and especially that discusses!😊

Then beyond the divisions between us, and of the link which we can retisser together,

BE LOVE BE HAPPY wants to help you

🙏To get better

🙏To be good

We thus thought of all by creating it #DEFI21JBELOVEBEHAPPY

Various topics developed on 7 stages each time 

And for each step

21 challenges each one over 21 days is 3 weeks X 7 days 

For a dimension of crowned and creation (7) put in dynamics (3)

For this reason one often speaks about figure 21 to anchor a process and to integrate an Energy in us.


One takes you along with us and one builds together 😇

If you become adherent, beyond all that we propose already, it is an extra noclaims bonus!☘️

By January 1st, 2019 and if you are adherent community, you will receive all the 21J a series of 21 challenges to carry out each day on a topic chosen to carry out stage 1 and so on until the stage 7 which will enclose the first Large CHALLENGE set of themes 😍

To give you time to reflect, to make, and integrate 🌟

And of course you will be able to share with the other members on your experiment in the facebook group which is dedicated to you or in the community of the site since a group will be created with forum as for each topic of association!  !

Here it is not a question any more of reading but of practising and of being in the action, our CREED  !!

AND to work a subject during 21 days, it is to allow itself to go up in power each day to create a true dynamics and to anchor every day🌈

So that the process quite simply becomes natural.

Our proposal is to propose to you continuously very full with CHALLENGES on a precise topic in link with the community and what we will live in the adventure.


Because it is in the duration and the regularity that one changes his system of operation to start his magic in a perennial way.




By January 1st we start the first of long series. It is wished to us 😍

The subjects which we will broach in this 1stCHALLENGE will be gathered in 7 times of 3 weeks each one including

🌟intentions to formulate,

🌟awakenings to be revealed,

🌟challenges to take up,

🌟meditations to activate

A whole process which is carried out quietly in all conscience in the joy and lightness 😊

This first CHALLENGE will help you TO AWAKE YOUR POTENTIAL Stage by stage and to help you with

  • To accept what you lived or live 21J
  • to allow You to be in the pleasure 21J
  • Radiating your Energy 21J
  • To feel 21J
  • To communicate and to freely express you 21J
  • See clearly and right 21J
  • To be able to receive 21J

A splendid advance which we can make together to find the joy Of  being oneself activating some its potential consciously 😇

Then decide and just go  ?




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