Frequently asked questions


1- Why adhere to BE LOVE BE HAPPY ?

To vibrate together the same frequency of energyAn energy of heart, our true brain and signal creating our reality. Only manner of bringing lasting change and positive to the ground on which we live allAND to help to federate positive Energy together 💖

2- What is what association and the community BE LOVE BE HAPPY can bring to me?

  • A new network of division on any level. I can find people with whom to exchange in the whole world.To carry out barter of activity, to accommodate It is an unlimited platform of exchange which is due only to us.
  • BE LOVE BE HAPPY leaves us our frameworksand, our limits to recognize us for better finding us.
  • To make known my activities and initiatives with people who will be open and positive there.
  • A personal positive energy, joy and happiness to take part in this setting in Community light with in an individual capacity and collective.
  • Happydefis // challenges received  every month of the year, 21 challenges to realize to create my own happiness.
  • Live the  Rally of happiness in Live : permanent meditations, shares in the present moment probably in some of the best places on the  Planet !

3- How do I adhere to BE LOVE BE HAPPY?

I adhere in the menu to the adhesion page or onthe homepage. I pay the annual sum of 33 euros +the expenses of 1, 65 euros. I immediately have access to the platform of division by creating my profile to join the community and the Facebookgroup only booked to the members.

4- How do I created my profile on the site BE LOVE BE HAPPY ?

As of payment of the contribution, I am guided until the connection and the creation of my profile. I can then find according to several parameters of other members of my country, city or preferred topics.

5- What is what I can bring to association and thecommunity BE LOVE BE HAPPY ?


Energy, contents in photographs and articles,ideas in an unlimited way while remaining in the 9 topics defined today by the community and association BE LOVE BE HAPPY.

  • Les labyrinths of the world, symbolic system of the initiatory way and return in the heart 
  • Spirituality and happiness with work to work differently
  • The new habitat wellness
  • Creations or personal initiatives full with direction
  • Therapies at our disposal To be happy
  • Collective initiatives intended for  the children for  new planet in the Heart
  • The communication animale source of cure
  • Experiments and travel, source of happiness in the world
  • Food and gastronomy with the programme formore joy and of pleasure to the daily newspaper

6- What does it occur when I adhere to BE LOVE BE HAPPY?

Everything is possible !
You can propose contents, formations, events….
You can give us an interview, as BE LOVE  BE HAPPY do it each month for two members.
In particular if you have time and wish to be privileged partner to help us to advance more quickly and together in a field which is yours
Obviously you can decide to engage you at oursides to develop the network and the community.

And to become which knows Happyambassador ?

7- Then do I not to adhere more to BE LOVE BE HAPPY?

Obviously constantly if you estimate that the community does not agree to you you can decide not to renew your contribution more.

8- Does my profile created, how to connect me to the other members BE LOVE BE HAPPY?
It is simple.

In the Site, your card of profile created, you to connect can be friendly with other members and to especially you by your geographical place or preferred topics. Your posts will appear in yourprofile

In the Facebook group, it is even easier to sharecommunicate with which you wish it since each one is identified. AND the Facebook profiles remain complete. Messenger is a very practical tool to communicate free with the whole world.

The site brings a complementary tool and remain suseful for all those which are not on Facebook and that exists!


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