BE LOVE BE HAPPY you will discover it is more than one community seeking to open each one on the level it heart and to share on Happiness and how to be happier for a Happy Planet.
t is also the Hearttour Be Love Be Happy and Humane vocation in order to use our world tour to be used as relay of concrete heart.
To convey drugs, equipment the most stripped withand to make our contribution to a lot of interdependent projects everywhere in the world in partnership with great existing humanitarian associations.
Since we decide to make BE LOVE BE HAPPY everywhere an ambassador of interdependent causes in the world to help each one To be happy including by a help which passes by education, health and the greater comfort also for the most stripped. ⭐️

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One created BE LOVE BE HAPPY because it is time To be happy,

BE LOVE BE HAPPY is to benefit from participative platform, of a global area network,opportunity of making known to you, a division inthe Heart, a commonplace for all and a financing available in the long term for each one

BE LOVE BE HAPPY it is also a Label of Happiness to recognize all those working already To be happier  To be certified HAPPY” 

Coluche invented the resto du coeur to nourish each one

We one decided to invent BE LOVE BE HAPPY
to nourish each one of happiness and Energy in all its formsAnd to federate positive Energy together.

BE LOVE BE HAPPY it is  an exchange in Real time of photographs, reportstravel, initiatives in the Heart, formationscoaching, ours and yours And the Happyambassadors who decided to help us to create Happiness

Our heart goes on a trip and one takes you along with us

BE LOVE BE HAPPY is to dare to follow its heartand to reactivate its magic.

So we take you along with us in our Rally of Happiness and his Happydefis for you also to create Happiness each day  and the creation of his magazine to embark in a common adventure. 

BE LOVE BE HAPPY is to live today the way of the creation of Happiness together.

112 Members

take part already in the adventure

The Rally of Happiness” and “heart Tour” Our leitmotiv, to pass to the action ! 🚔

If you want to be happy, would be it
Chinese proverb
BE LOVE BE HAPPY it is a Rally of Happinessat the end of the world to find a place in the world to share for the association. And to share you in Real time all the Adventure, to invite each one to get back on line at the present moment. It is to livet oday the way of the creation of Happiness together including the most stripped 😊

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A community, a platform and a global area network

To adhere to BE LOVE BE HAPPY is to adhere at a community to communicate, share, test on anylevel with the members for more happiness and ofHeart together in the whole world. It is the choice to go back in link on the same frequency, that of the HEARTTo create individually and all together Happiness ⭐️

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It is an association created to finance a maximum of initiatives AND a Label Happiness BE LOVE BE HAPPY certified Happy

BE LOVE BE HAPPY it is a Label of Happiness” certified Happy decreed with all those which work To be happier on any level. Public people and companies or organizations which will become members of honor of our community. And thanks to your adhesion, in our page of Crowdfunding, and all the partners who will be added to the list, members and members of honor, BE LOVE BE HAPPY it is the solution with the financing of your project and all the initiatives carried with Heart, also humane projects. 

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And also Blog, a portfolio open to all to find together the keys of happiness ⭐️and theHappyambassadors

BE LOVE BE HAPPY it is opportunity of making known to you, to share your initiativesexperiments, desires and projects initiated with Heart which these desires are personal or professional.

Each topic being represented by one or moreHappy ambassador decided to help us all to recreate Happiness.

Everything is possible ! 💖

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The topics of the BLOG proposed are 9 for the moment ! and BE LOVE BE HAPPY is committed finding ambassadors of Heart for each one of these topics

  • Les labyrinths of the world, symbolic system of the initiatory way and return in the heart 
  • Spirituality and happiness with work to work differently
  • The new habitat wellness
  • Creations or personal initiatives full with direction
  • Therapies at our disposal To be happy
  • Collective initiatives intended for  the children for  new planet in the Heart
  • The communication animale source of cure
  • Experiments and travel, source of happiness in the world
  • Food and gastronomy with the programme for more joy and of pleasure

Wa have to learn how To be happy ans train ! Embark with us in our Rally of Happiness and follow the way with a challenge per day”⭐️

We thus thought of all by creating the #DEFI21JBELOVEBEHAPPY. A little our gift welcome and thanks for your confidence. Various topics developed on 7 stages each time. And for each stage 21 challenges each one over 21 days is 3 weeks X 7 days. For a dimension of crowned andc reation (7) put in dynamics (3).

With#DEFI21JBELOVEBEHAPPY we go and builds together.

Here it is not a question any more of reading but of practising and of being in the action, our CREED!!


The subjects which we will broach in this 1st CHALLENGE will be gathered in 7 moments 3 weeks each one including of the intentions to formulate, of the awakenings to be revealed, the challenges to take up, from the meditations to activate…

This first CHALLENGE will help you TO AWAKE YOUR POTENTIAL Stage by stage and to help you with :

  • To accept what you lived or live 21J 
  • To allow You to be in the pleasure 21J 
  • Radiating your Energy 21J 
  • To feel 21j To communicate and to freely express you 21J 
  • See clearly and right 21J T
  • To be able to receive 21J

Then decide and just GO ?

I want to join this adventure and RECEIVE THE BELOVE BEHAPPY CHALLENGE

It is the moment to pass to the action !



A SINGLE AMOUNT AND SYMBOLIC SYSTEM OF the HEART, NUMBER 33 (11 the force + the 22way)

Only 33 euros/an (more 1.65 euros of expenses) to give and receive in an unlimited way 💖

I adhere today and I take part in the adventure

Formations, Coaching 

and Package tours in the Heart

to follow this way of Happiness



Meditations in Live

to activate Energy together

and share via the Facebook group😇

be love (28)

Humane vocation not to forget anybody

in this path towards Essence Be Love Be Happy Heart Tour


Our story

Our meeting, of most original is radiocontrolled since the beginning.

Different but complementary and inseparable with the image from our discovered names chamanic in Canada….Golden Jaguar for Laurence and Eagle dreamer for David,we decided to traverse our way together since nearly 2 years. `

2 characters with the unusual journey guidedabove all by their DESIRES, a CURIOUS spirit, desire of DIVISION and TO VIBRATE inCONSCIENCE in their life.

A common taste for the Travel, the Adventureand the Energy which can release nature and the SACRINGS PLACES of Planet.

Two free thinkers, volunteers and CREATIVE.

Two very greedy Sagittarius impassioned by the kitchen and new flavours

Laurence DUJARDIN Energy globetrotter, Author and Coach Wellness since more than 15 years.

Advanced studies in communication and Celsa after a fast passage in agency of communication.Then creation of a company of Import Export with Australia afterwards of heart in honeymoons. AND turn with 180 degrees with Feng SHUI A spirit undertakingdefinitively which learned how to follow its Heart!!!

Coach today since more than 15 years and author of 7 works, the last, an oracle of 66 cards entitled the spirit path.

True energy globe trotter, Laurence will be ableobviously to accompany you with wonder at the time of the meditations in LIVE and the initiatory journeys on any planet.
It is the feather of association in a very direct styleauthenticates, natural and spontaneous like it.

Blog Laurence
Instagram Laurence Energyglobetrotter
Facebook Laurence dujardin coaching
Facebook Energyglobetrotter
YOUTUBE Laurence

David BOURGEOIS  former serviceman of career reconverted as a Professional photograph since 5 years.

Researcher of flavours impassioned by the kitchenpastry making and the gastronomy, it is an artistYears with barouder make of him a whole groundat ease everywhere, even with the furnaces anat the same time solid and very creative energy insearch for perfection to the daily newspaper.

Also learned how to follow its instinct and its Heart and to have courage all to change.

A capacity except standards to feel and collect the energy of the places. David will be the perfectguide in the photographic travel to help you to collect essence. Autodidact it will be able to give you the keys of a good training or photographic improvement.

David it is a precise personality and calms which deals of the technique, the routes and the solidman on which one can rest.

Blog photos david
Instagram davidbourgeoisphotography
Facebook Davidbourgeois
Facebook Davidbourgeoisphotography


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