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The community BE LOVE BE HAPPY is the opportunity of gatheringour energies in meditations in LIVE everywhere in the world.

As soon as you belong to the Community BE LOVE BE HAPPY, you integrate theFacebookgroup which is booked to us.

Group Facebook BE LOVE BE HAPPY


To date, we show to organize an exposure of photographs, the watching of a film report on association and some European initiatives selected before our departure in world tour. Any open restand the community BE LOVE BE HAPPY will evolve with us all. 

And also of the monthly events or Bi monthly magazines, conferences and interviews onlineon subject which can bring more happiness to us!

OR to find us in precise places.

Diary December 2018
– Meditation in live December 7th and December 22nd for the news and full moon
– Interviews of 2 members: Astrology, trend 2019 and topic of association and how to introduce parallel medicines like the reiki in hospital

The imagined topics will be in link with our 9 topics developed by BE LOVE BE HAPPY

  • Les labyrinths of the world, symbolic system of the initiatory way and return in the heart 
  • Spirituality and happiness with work to work differently
  • The new habitat wellness
  • Creations or personal initiatives full with direction
  • Therapies at our disposal To be happy
  • Collective initiatives intended for  the children for  new planet in the Heart
  • The communication animale source of cure
  • Experiments and travel, source of happiness in the world
  • Food and gastronomy with the programme formore joy and of pleasure to the daily newspaper

Please find here all the meditations in LIVE, Video and Interviews

Meditations in LIVE - Vidéos - Interviews

Méditations in Live at each news and full moon 😍 and li,ks to see the videos and interviews.


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