Our children and happiness: here what

makes them happy

Nos enfants et le bonheur : voici ce qui les rend heureux en 2018


You know it now, BE LOVE BE HAPPY is to inform themselves and share on topics which can help us To be happier.

The children of course are one of the topics.

Here is a nice article to also helpus to make them happier?

At the time of the 40 years of Astrapi (what does not rejuvenate us), the monthly magazine of the 711 years launched a great investigation into the happiness of our children. The results are withoutcall : they are in their majority, happy.

But what counts more for their happiness? Pokemon cards Not

Are the children of 2018 happy ?

Good news,according to the very recent investigation launchedby Astrapi, they are it for 98% of them (of which37% are said straightforwardly very happy). But does their happiness, on what depend ?

Do new technologies, our portables that they prick us at any moment and the console which they dream to connect at least dead time did pass by there,concealing our place in the heart ? Not !

Good news, among the things which make happy the 711 years, is at the head able to spend time with their parents, to 68% (reason moreover to spare itself privileged moments with which, in spite of the sometimes received ideas, of which very petitioning).

In second place, one finds to have guests at the house, 47% (lives the evenings pyjamas or the brunchs or slunchsdu Sunday between buddies), and also to read storieswith 42% or to play with his brothers and sisterswith 41%.

In addition, they are only 10% to quote the money like source of happiness.

Another teaching, among the activities which they like to make in their sacrosaint rings family, they at the head quote the game (of company oroutdoor) with 71% and to play video gameswith 34% for the girls but 46% for the boys.
Lastly, they are 9 out of 10 to declare itself very glad to go to school the morning (ok, there to find their friends, to play and to make outputs as majority but it is already that).


This investigation was conducted at the time of the birthday of Astrapi, this magazine which accompanied childhood by number among usWho didnt arrange at his place Wednesday aftermidday a newspaper rack Hippopotamus, built castleextremely vacuumpocket or an Aztec kiteon the bulgomme of the dining room family ? This month, for the forty years of the media leaves anumber birthday with new comics and a temporal capsule to find itself in 2038. The occasion of another temporal travel, in the past this one, to share with his/her children.


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