The maharishi effect and the diary

BE LOVE  BE HAPPY december 2018

Hello everybody,

That you are already adherent or not, it does not matter. This article is intended for all. Be Love Be Happy, it is the history of one dreamed, anintention of a better planet, a happy planet. In the authenticity and truth 😊

We are more than billion. And each one and all together, we vibrate an energy in conscience or not but let us vibratewe it. AND we all are connected. 🌎

Small criticismwith the maharishi effect

It was established that the feelings of human andin particular the magnetic field generated by the heart human being when it tests certain emotions extends well have beyond our bodies. It was as shown as when a group of people decide to put itself together to create a specific emotion in their heart, this emotion is able to literally influence the magnetic field which maintains the life on ground.

This magnetic field as well has effects on theimmune reaction of the human beings as on the weather, the trends climatic, the cycles of war andof peace, our aptitude to solve problems etc etc

Even if we are not aware of these links, all is dependent in energy and related to the terrestrial magnetic field. What is thus essential is to create feelings which create the harmony in our heart sand of all to connect to us on this common screen.

Our heart is regarded today as the most power fulelectric and magnetic generator of our heart. It is him the first to send the intention. The electric field of the heart is approximately 100 times more powerful than that of the brain while its magnetic field is 5000 times more important.

And our physical world is entirely determined by these two energy fields, electric and magnetic(electromagnetic fields)

More than 600 scientific studies showed the advantages of the meditationtranscendentale and this research as showed asseveral cumulated individual consciences can doonly one and change the world of them.

More information

What let us can be made this energy?

While choosing (there is our responsibility) to vibrate similar energy and together, we can release apower such as we will create obviously changement.

3, 5% of the population which changes and it is the whole world which is involved in the movement!!! What let us wait???

Contrary to much of changes which more often involve an energy of anger and dissatisfaction, BE LOVE BE HAPPY wants to be the engine of an intention of love and joy, pleasure and heart.

A key to find more connection with oneself and thus to behappier quite simply.

With BE LOVE BE HAPPY we can activate together our creating power

1/To define which we wish to live happy on a happy planet

2/To imagine that we live it already

3/To feel all the sensations

4/To ask the universe to express thisreality in our life

Through 9 topics which we will develop through post and of articles, videos, experiments, initiative sin the whole world.

These are keys that we will discover who precisely allow us all to be more happy.

And we start now without more waiting.

Before the big departure and the strongest initiative of the movement, our world tour to develop the network.

Each month

1/ We on the spot will interview or remote member who can bring contents to us on selected topic. Thus do not hesitate to adhere to make known to you and to bring your experimentand your energy to us. ☘️

1st interview in December on a fascinating topic astrology that we will decline in several chapters. This first installment will focus more on energy in place and the coming 2019 year for all to help us put ourselves in context and approach the new year to come. And so help us to generate the right intention.

2/ With each news and full moon, I will invite each one to connect myself live at the time of ameditation guided for all to connect to us in the energy.

First meditation into live on December 7th,the new moon in Sagittarius. Thus obviously meditation related to the action and the commitment.🌟

3/ Finally we will go in search of an initiative full with heart in one of our 9 fields of predilectionthe ideas hustle ourselves already to know with which we will start in this December.💖

AND of course if you understood, more we will be numerous and more the effect will be important.

We thus expect also your share, you adherent massive participation with the blog by proposing articles on various subjects but with a common screen the Heart!

You to make available for an interview to share your competence?

And even to allow us to come to film you if you already did start an initiative full with heart or wish to share us an experiment?

And all the others, adhere now!

For a planet full of BE Love Be Happy a little everywhere.

To help us together to give in light the Earth in an energy of love, of joy and heart.

If  do you want to more help us to develop this network some is the place where you are on planet, contact us?

We need to create as of present of the antenna s relay in all the countries of the world!

You can be the link where you are.

Recall ! No creation without commitment.

Then engage of any lightness🐬

See you  soon!

Laurence and David



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