The “Happiness Rally” and the “Heart Tour”


All about this tour of the heart, 1st big initiative of the association


Our project is to leave before the end of 2019 🌎

Hearttour heartbeat and planned rally? The destinations and the itinerary

We go on a trip around the world around 5 continents

🌎 To develop links across all cultures encountered, fund a maximum of initiatives with the help of memberships (33 € / year by internet) and contribute by a solidarity action to a whole lot of projects in the 10 themes from the Association.
🚔 In search of all those who through their personal and professional experiences have decided to follow their heart! And share their experience but also the solutions and keys to change to create a new paradigm
🍀 CONNECT all this beautiful human energy to the Energy of the Earth and its riches and sacred lands
😊CAPT the energy of places, people in beautiful photographs by David.
-The opportunity to offer conferences all over the world and to organize a traveling photo exhibition every month, our aesthetic and artistic contribution to the BE BEVE BE HAPPY PROJECT –
⭐️Our itinerary

We have found a vehicle to transform but we are still looking for sponsors and all the support for the great start of this adventure to buy it and prepare it.

We schedule a departure before the end of 2019 (by boat transport) and with a pickup customized in 4 loops

We would like to start with Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia
North and South America: Alaska, Canada, USA, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina
Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania
Asia: Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet, China, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Bali

We are working now to build our community

Be Love Happy Be Magic Be Cool Happydefis each month for 21 days and Labels of Happiness
Coaching Be Happy Be Feng Shui, Happyworkingspace

What and When?

A “Happy Sharing” committed to remake the Link that is good

Our leitmotiv, PASS TO ACTION and create a new paradigm by making the link!

  • BE LOVE BE HAPPY is a JOURNEY at the end of the world to share in real time all the Adventure and invite everyone to reconnect with the ESSENTIAL. Including through LIVE MEDITATIONS at each New and Full Moon. 
  • Today, live the path of creating a NEW REALITY by going all over the world to find all the INITIATIVES that are heart-loving and creators of tomorrow’s paradigm at all levels.
  • BE LOVE BE HAPPY is a SHARING cultural, spiritual, social, artistic, environmental, ecological, solidarity to find together the KEYS OF CHANGE.Because it’s time to be happy for a happy planet, we make a commitment!
  • BE LOVE BE HAPPY is a commitment throughout the journey. A desire to share the best and the beauty of the Planet and the Human.
  • Protect existing potential by revealing it.
  • An artistic project and a traveling photo exhibition every month to allow the greatest number to live the adventure LIVE. And SHARE the wonders encountered on the ground: human encounter, extraordinary nature, initiative of heart.

Conferences organized on the circuit, photo slideshows, workshops, collaboration to solidarity projects in the field …

We will also soon be offering a magazine that will retrace our adventure.

– BUDGET 1 to 2 years to complete to leave in June-July 2019-

150000 to 200000 euros.
Transport by boat.

Customized and “fengshous” pick up + cab cars (prepared by our
care + outdoor car communication)
Boat and petrol transportation based on estimated mileage and itinerary, aircraft in some cases
Material required for reporting
(Waterproof box underwater photographs and videos 3500 euros, rail
4500 euros, drone 1150 euros, stabilizer 150 euros, camera 3200
euros, memory cards and hard disks 1000 euros).
13500 euros
new video and photo equipment, wifi connection and permanent network for
allow sharing and work in LIVE / other materials
Press officer and communication association and project
Events and Exhibition PICTURES before departure.



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