The world tour BE LOVE BE HAPPY

All on this tour of the Heart, 1st large initiative of the association


Our project is to leave at the Summer 2019 rather before the summer in June.

To start by the EAST to join Scandinavia and Norway, then Russia and Asia and then Oceania,and Amérique.

Heart Tour considered ? Destinations and the route…

Africa/Tanzania and Zanzibar, Namibia, South Africa

Asia/Burma, Viêt  Nam, Bouthan, Nepal, Japan,Mongolia, Tibet

Oceania/Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia

North America/Hawaii, Alaska, Canadian west,Shasta Mount and American west,
Peru/South America, Bolivia, Argentina, Easter Island,

What and When?

Our leitmotiv, to pass to the action!

If you want to be happy, would be it Chinese proverb

BE LOVE BE HAPPYit is a world tour withoutdate of return to find a place some share in the world for association.

But also to share in Real time to invite each one to get back on line at the present moment.

Concretely, that will be made in each country?


  1. We do not want to leave to put questions as others already did it or do it
  2. We want TO TEST and DO what makes Happy and brings Love, Energy and Happiness to incarnate this positive Energy
  3. To invite others then to make as us or cough those of which we will share the experiment
  4. And To create a place in the world where each one will be able to be found. A base in and whose events, travel will be organized and initiated.

For that, we will follow 3 directions as of now to theliking of our desires, our inspiration, the destiny and each crossed country

To share reports on an original feature of th ecountry in link with Happiness and the Heart
Different examples which allow the return to an experiment of living happier….

  • Mongolia, in the middle of the steppe and thewandering families to try out with the social statusanother manner Of being happy and of helpingus to leave our frameworks source of evil
  • Nepal, a trekking in the annapurnas or how to show what an adventure asking to go beyond ourfears and from our limits can to us bring forprecisely being happier
  • Tibet, a pilgrimage with the Kalaish mount to showin what to find and take an intense spiritual stepcan still help us to find the link with oneself, sourceof happiness.
  • Polynesia, of the experiments of stroke with thewhales and the dolphins to show the advantage ofthe animal communication on our Wellness sourceobviously of more than Joy and of majorconnection.
  • Hawaii, to live live at the chamanic spiritualexperiments which can help to release and cleanseour interior for more joy and Wellness interior.
  • Bouthan, the country which says the happiest country of the world, qualified country of happiness, food with them, to feel the energy of the country, and to share this universal example ofan entire country.
  • Japan, Ikigai or the secrecy of Japanese happiness? a therapy which we all could apply?Investigation and report.
  • Bolivia, Peru, to succeed in appreciating nature,our old origins and their treasures with the lakeTiticaca inter alia, another place vigorously strongof planet. Meeting with Shamans and sites andcrowned temples of Incas.
  • Would Alaska, food symbol of life be it a solutionand a help to find happiness? The history of thechief Rob Kineen which lives in Alaska, one of themost hostile areas in the world, and imports more than 85% of its food. Militant and optimist, it has just opened a restaurant of which all the mets are composed of ingredients autochtones. It weaveslinks with the local producers, encourages themand reappropriates the culinary traditions of itsancestors, the Tinglit Indians.
  • Canadian west, on the road of the wonders of nature. A reconnexion life size with essence to finda direction interior and more joy.
  • Australia, on the road of Dreamtime and theaboriginals or how to find more direction, of linkand better being out of material framework.

To share in real time to reconnect each one at the present moment, impossible to circumvent to find themselves and live happy.

  • TO CREATE LINK To propose Meditations into live to gather at the same time the maximum of energy on a powerfulenergy place of the earth and to recreate the link between all
  • TO INSPIRE To establish the link on the route by proposing conferences which tell our adventure and all these initiatives tested on our way creating of the sources of inspiration
  • TO ORGANIZE Initiatory journeys and travelphotographs/ To invite the members in Live to join us and live at the same time the experiment on spot particularvigorously strong, related to nature or others, the labyrinths also strong symbolic system of the wayand return in the heart purely energy or photographic
  • TO SHARE Reports photographs and videos/ To share the treasures of planet in term of flora and fauna, videos and photographs, all the places crossed at the time of our tour as much as possible in Live and live and obviously also all initiatives followed with heart
  • TO FORM Coaching and in Live online/ To propose individual and collective coachings alsointended to the individuals and for the companiesto help to find this essential connection withoneself, source of Happiness

To propose reports on an outstanding initiative

An initiative personal, individual, collective, or public moved by the Heart and the search of oneself and a greater comfort, sources of happiness

  • CHILDREN Collective initiatives particularly intended for thechildren, those which will build the company oftomorrow, Courses of happiness and workshopscreative, training of the meditation
  • THERAPY Particular therapy of group to better help each oneTO BE
  • PERSONAL CREATION  Unusual and personal creation inspiring and dared
  • WORK PLACE Collective initiatives to find happiness with work, animportant living space for all, and proposer to combine spirituality in the world of the company
  • HOUSE Intentions and initiatives of creations of cities and positive habitat for more wellness collective in particular with the use of Feng Shui or of any other philosophy.
  • And also in link with our 9 topics developed by BE LOVE BE HAPPY
    • Les labyrinths of the world, symbolic system of the initiatory way and return in the heart 
    • Spirituality and happiness with work to work differently
    • The new habitat wellness
    • Creations or personal initiatives full with direction
    • Therapies at our disposal To be happy
    • Collective initiatives intended for  the children for  new planet in the Heart
    • The communication animale source of cure
    • Experiments and travel, source of happiness in the world
    • Food and gastronomy with the programme formore joy and of pleasure to the daily newspaper

Financing of this first initiative

BUDGET 1st year to buckle to leave in 2019.

150,000 euros, low fork.
The equivalent of 4500 members without externalsponsors.
Transport in boat.

  1. Car pick up+ cabin customized and fengshuized(prepared by our
    care + external communication conveys)
  2. Transport First year boat and petrol according toestimated mileage and route, plane in certain cases
  3. Daily  First year
  4. Equipment
    Refunding with the association of equipment already bought personally necessary to the reports
    (box seals photographs and videos under navy 3500 euros, rail
    4500 euros, drone 1150 euros, stabilizer 150euros, camera 3200
    euros, memory boards and hard drives 1000euros).
    13500 euros
    new video and photo equipment, permanentconnection wifi and network for
    to allow divisions and work in LIVE other equipment
  5. Communication
    Press agent and communication association and project
    Events and Exposure PHOTOGRAPHS before the departure



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